Paint Your Plate Workshop

Venue:         Art Senze studio

Duration:    3hrs

Fee:              $55 / pax

Join us and unleash your art creativity on a plate in our Paint Your Plate workshop! Learn the techniques of applying paints on your porcelain plate and learn how to cure your paints so that they do not get scratched off easily. We have templates provided during the workshop to get your creativity juices flowing. If you have any specific designs that you wish to paint onto your plate, bring along your reference images to the workshop and we will be there to guide you through to completion.

The painted plates can be used to serve food and can be washed with soap. They also work perfect as a trinket dish for smaller items like keys, rings and other jewellery items. Many participants have also come to this workshop to paint plates to be given away as gifts for their loved ones.

Send us an enquiry for the available workshop schedule timings here.