About Us

Art Senze was created with the mission to provided individualized art training for every student. We believe that every student is unique and deserves a programme catered them to best suit their learning needs and learning pace.


Yueshi has been learning art since the young age of 6 years old. She obtained a diploma in Mass Communication but her dedication and love for art continued to grow, which influenced her to pursue art for her university studies. Yueshi graduated from Curtin University (Australia) with a double degree in Fine Art and Art & Design Studies.

Yueshi has teaching experience at a children art studio in Singapore. Her art teaching skills are highly recognized and she was invited to conduct three newly opened art enrichment classes for one semester at a childcare in China. Using the design skills that she gained during her polytechnic studies, together with her art skills, Yueshi also assisted with the planning, designing and execution of the environment decoration at the childcare centre in China.

Being able to learn art in a stress free environment since young allowed Yueshi to learn at her own pace and fine-tune the different art techniques that she learnt along the way. With all the valuable experiences that Yueshi has gained from learning art and teaching, Yueshi believes that every child is unique and deserves an individualized art training for them to have an enjoyable and rewarding art learning experience.  With this in mind, Yueshi decided to set up Art Senze.

The 24th UOB Painting Of The Year Competition 2005
– ‘Crystal Jade Kitchen’

The 20th UOB Painting Of The Year Competition 2001
– ‘World of Colours’

The 19th UOB Painting Of The Year Competition 2000
– ‘Roadside’

The 29th Japan International Children’s Art Exhibition 1999
– Gold Award