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A “paintful” welcome from Art Senze!

You found us!
Art Senze is an art studio built based on our passion for art, our love for art, our curiosity for art, our enthusiasm about art. Basically, anything and everything about art! But this is not enough. We want to get more people on board and share all these great feelings about art. And you are invited! Your child is invited! Your friend is invited!

You want to know what we do?
Art Senze don’t only talk about art, have fun with art and create beautiful artworks. We teach you how to be able to do what we are doing. We show you the different ways to have fun with art and we teach you the techniques and skills to create art.

You don’t want to feel stressed up?
Art Senze understands that every student is unique and teaches based on every student’s standard and learning pace. We do not rush students to complete their artworks.
We focus on having students to understand the different art techniques and make every artwork an enjoyable art learning process.

You want to try out our art programs?
Our home-based art studio is located at Sengkang, within walking distance from Kangkar LRT station (next to Rivervale Plaza).
Drop us an email through our Contact Us page and we can’t wait to see you for our next art session!

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