Art Programme

” Do your teachers paint the artwork for my child?”

“Is this really my child’s artwork?”

We get these questions quite often from parents who approach our art studio. At Art Senze, be rest assured that we do not do our students’ artwork on their behalf. Parents are more than welcomed to sit in and see how our art classes are being conducted. We believe that artworks are representational of each and every student, including every stroke that our students make, which is why we would only demonstrate but not do the work for our students (even if our students show us puppy eyes or say please.. hahaha).

Every artwork produced at Art Senze is also different. We are always adjusting the difficulty level and style of the artwork based on each and every student’s standard. Students work on their artworks based on their pace in order to practise and apply the art techniques with clearer understanding.

The completion time taken for our students’ artworks varies. We encourage our students to work on their artworks independently and treat every piece of their artworks wholeheartedly rather than rushing to complete. An artwork represents the artist who completed it is what we always tell our students. Every piece of artwork also reflects the time and effort put in upon completion.

Art Extensive Programme

Exposure to different art styles and art mediums is the main focus for this programme. In this programme, students will pick up art techniques using various mediums that range from poster paints to oil pastel to acrylic paints. This programme allows our students to build up a strong art portfolio and be able to switch around different art styles and art mediums with ease.





 Art Elective Programme

Student will get to focus and build a strong foundation in a specific art medium. Deep understanding will be required with higher expectations of professionalism in student’s artwork over time. In this programme, students will learn to develop a distinct personal style after honing their skills in their chosen art medium. This is also the preferred programme for students to work on their weaker areas in art.

(recommended for age 9 and above)