Art Extensive Programme


“My daughter’s colouring used to be all over the place and has a poor selection of colours. Now she has shown great improvement in these areas.”
– Wei Zi Ling (parent of Zhu Zhi Yu, 3.5 years old)

” Shi Han has improved in her colouring and understanding of the shapes of different objects. She has even developed her own sequence when she is drawing or colouring.”
– Sun Fei (parent of Wang Shi Han, 3.5 years old)

” After attending class after a few months, Yu Zhe started to develop his own interpretation towards colours. Sometimes when he is at home, he will mix different colours to achieve his ideal colour.”
– Li Li (parent of Chen Yu Zhe, 3.5 years old)

” Yi Cen gets to express her imagination and thinking through her artworks. After completing her artwork, she is able to use her own words to describe her artwork to us. As a parent, this is a great improvement in our eyes.”
– Mr Xue (parent of Xue Yi Cen, 4.5 years old)

” I have 2 daughters 8 and 10yrs old who have always been enthusiastic in drawing and colouring.  Given their expressed bubbling interest, I was pleased therefore to chance upon Art Senze and decided to enroll them for Caricature and Acrylic. Under the patient guidance of Yueshi, I can see their rapid progress, picking up a repertoire of techniques and skills. More importantly they take very well to the affable teacher in a cozy home studio setting. Whenever they bring back their works, I’m always amaze at the details and the quality in it which would only come about through deliberated and able instructions. Thanks Art Senze and Yueshi for kick starting their learning journey and joy in Art! ”
– Goy Hang Ru (parent of Eliza and Eugynia, 10 years old and 8 years old) 


Art Intensive Programme

” Yueshi has a very nice manner about her. She makes the lesson feel very relaxed, which is good for being creative! Thumbs up to Yueshi!”
– Anushia (Adult, Choice of medium: Acrylic)

“I’ve learnt a lot from her (Yueshi). From the chrysanthemums, to the rocks, to the branches, to the leaves, and putting colour together. It’s been great and I totally enjoyed her teaching.”
– Ann (Adult, Choice of medium: Chinese Painting)


Art Workshop

“I’ve learnt how to use watercolour properly as previously I just applied straight from the tube all the time.”
– Chloe Tan (Adult, Basic Watercolour Workshop 2)

“I love the theme and style of the workshop.”
– Isabel Chen (Adult, Basic Watercolour Workshop 2)

“The workshop is not stressful and the pace is manageable.”
– Tay Yu Shan (Adult, Basic Watercolour Workshop 2)

“The workshop is very interactive and helpful.”
– Jessie Ng (Adult, Basic Watercolour Workshop 2)

“The workshop is helpful and has a relaxing atmosphere. Yueshi also provided advice on one-to-one basis.”
– Tabitha Tan (Adult, Basic Watercolour Workshop 2)

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