Paint Like Monet (Water Lilies)

Venue:                Art Senze studio

Duration:          3.5hrs

Fee:                     $60 / pax

Medium:           Acrylic on canvas

Impressionism is an art movement that started in the 19th century. Artists who were part of this art movement enjoyed painting outdoors, which allowed them to capture the fleeting movements of lights with bold colours and lesser focus on details.

In this workshop, you will be working on creating a replica artwork of Claude Monet’s Water Lilies using acrylic paints on canvas. You will be given a 30cm x 30cm canvas to work on. There will be a live demonstration during the workshop to walk you through every step from the start to the completion of your artwork.

No prior experience in acrylic painting is required! If you sign up as a group of 2 pax, you will also get to enjoy a 10% discount.

Learning points:
– Learn to work with the characteristics of acrylic paints
– Learn to mix colours to achieve different colours
– Learn to use contrast of colours to create depths
– Learn more about the brush strokes used in Impressionism artworks

Name and age (if more than one participant) / Any other enquiries