Plum Blossom Chinese Painting Workshop

Day/Time:  28 Jan (Sun) / 230pm – 530pm

Venue:         Art Senze studio

Duration:    3hrs

Fee:              $50 / pax

Plum blossoms bloom during winter when many other plants have withered and died. Plum blossoms symbolise perseverance, resilience and nobility. The five petals of each plum blossom flower represent happy, happiness, longevity, smooth sailing and peace.

Come learn how to paint plum blossoms in traditional Chinese painting style, using ink and Chinese painting colours on rice paper. You will learn how to paint the plum blossoms from different angles and understand the rules of layout in Chinese painting before working on the actual artwork. This will be the perfect artwork to decorate your house this coming Chinese New Year.

What you will bring home at the end of the workshop:

  • completed plum blossom painting
  • Chinese paintbrush (x1)

Our workshops are only catered for small groups. Remember to sign up early to avoid any disappointment.


Name and age (if more than one participant) / Any other enquiries