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Recently we had been chatting with some of our parents and it is so delightful to know the changes that have been happening to our students. It is really exciting to see how Art has brought out these changes in our students and we would like to share these magic that are happening with you to sum up our student’s progress in 2016.

From struggling to follow simple lines and replicate on his own artwork, our student has reached a breakthrough point when he worked on his Safari artwork with different animals hiding behind huge leaves. Now he is able to add in a significant amount of details into his artworks and he has a much better control of lines which allows him to be able to create more content for his artworks with more ease. 

From following step by step on how to draw a new artwork, our student is now able to look at an artwork and try to follow and draw independently. It was hard at the start and he was unwilling to try because it is clearly a tougher way to create another beautiful artwork as compared to being able to look and see how to draw step by step. But with encouragement and slight help along the way, he is now able to create his artwork more independently with addition of his own ideas. This is something that we always want to encourage our students to do, which is to make every artwork uniquely yours.

Having more patience to follow through the artwork and not giving up on trying when things do not work out as imagined is definitely one of the best learning points so far for our student. On one of her recent artworks, she painted the rectangle portion of the chimney perfectly with only three strokes. The perfection was not the part that we praised her for. We praised her for the fact that she had painted the rectangular area with carefully controlled strokes without any reminder or guidance from us. Sometimes progress shines at the negligible parts of the entire artwork.

During our art classes, we often stress about independency. This could go down to the simplest action of taking their own art materials or even erasing the lines on their artworks on their own. It is normal to feel that these actions that they have to do every week for class can get mundane and troublesome, and naturally they wish that there will be someone else who can do it for them. But to us, it is all about independency and being responsible for the things you did or the materials you used. This is a quality that can be carried over to anything else that you do. Initially, we had a student who complained that he feels like a maid when he comes to our studio for class because he has to take out his art materials on his own. But now, he is taking more initiative to take his art materials and keeping them on his own rather than pushing everything to his younger brother to do it. 

Looking at all these changes take place makes us feel more satisfied than ever. Big thank you to all parents and students who have stayed with us for the past year and we look forward to creating more magic with you through Art in 2017!

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