Getting started within the size of an A3 file

Getting started within the size of an A3 file

Every student is unique

Art Senze offers art programmes for kids, young adults and adults. We believe that art is for all ages and it is never too late to start having fun with art. At Art Senze, we understand that every student’s learning style and learning pace is different. No matter which program you are in, you get to experience Art Senze’s  personalised art programme, which is catered for every student in order to allow our students to gain the most benefit out of our art programme.


Learn and Explore

At Art Senze, we believe that a good foundation in art allows one to be able to express his or her creativity freely. While learning and acquiring various art skills, from sketching to painting to composition of artworks, students learn to create different genres of artworks. With understanding of different techniques, students will be encouraged to explore their own ideas and learn to develop their own unique artworks.


Chatty sessions

We encourage two-way communication between our teachers and students during class so as to allow students to have a better understanding of their artwork. It also allows our teachers to understand the students’ thinking and guide students to integrate student’s thinking into their artworks to turn every piece of artwork into a unique statement.


Small class ratio

We believe in delivering quality art programs through small class ratio. In a smaller class environment, students get more individual attention from our teachers. This allows students to be able to receive more guidance during class and have a better progression on their art learning path.


Feel free to drop us an email to know more about our art programmes. We can’t wait to share more with you!

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