Charcoal sticks

Charcoal sticks

Artists have their own preferred mediums to work with. Some artists choose to work with watercolour paints for a subtle and more poetic expression. Some artists choose to work with acrylic paints so that they can rework the artwork again and again. Some artists choose to work with clay and prefer to see their artworks in a 3D format.

With our Art Elective program, you get to focus working on only one medium of your choice. Building on the basics of accuracy in drawing, you will learn how to work around one medium and explore the various characteristics of the particular medium. This will be your ideal program to explore and grow as an artist within your area of interest, and develop your own unique art style.

Duration: 1h 30min

– Acrylic painting
– Traditional Chinese painting (flower bird / landscape)
– Watercolour painting
– Clay modelling
– Caricature
– Illustration
– Charcoal drawing
– Soft pastel etc.

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