Who are we

Art Senze is established with the mission to provide individualized art training for every student, and create the ideal art environment for students to enjoy and produce the art that they love.

At Art Senze, we believe that every child is different and understand that every child has his or her own learning pace. We allow every child to progress at their own pace and teach based on every child’s standard to ensure that they gain the most benefit out of our art program. We believe that by allowing children to work on their artworks at their own pace, they will have a better understanding of all the different aspects that build up to the completion of the artwork and be able to truly acquire the techniques applied.

If your child loves art as much as we do, join Art Senze and step onto the exciting journey of art creation with us!


Founder | Yueshi‘s story

Yueshi has been learning art since the young age of 6 years old. Throughout Yueshi’s years of learning art, she has obtained several awards in art competitions as listed below. In early 2013, Yueshi graduated from Curtin University (Australia) with a double degree in Fine Art and Art & Design Studies. Currently, Yueshi is also an AMIS instructor with MOE.

Building on her passion for art, Yueshi became an assistant art teacher a couple of times when she was still a secondary school student. Upon her graduation, Yueshi worked as a studio supervisor at a kids art studio in Singapore. Yueshi’s teaching skills are highly recognized and she was invited to conduct the three newly opened art enrichment classes for one semester at a childcare center in China.

Being able to learn art in a stress free environment since young allowed Yueshi to learn at her own pace and fine-tune the different art techniques that she learnt along the way. With all the valuable experiences that Yueshi has gained from learning art and teaching at different places, Yueshi believes that every child is unique and deserves an individualized art training for them to have an enjoyable and rewarding art learning experience. With this in mind, Yueshi decided to set up Art Senze.

The 29th International Children’s Art Exhibition
– Gold Award

The 19th UOB Painting Of The Year Competition
– ‘Roadside’ (Highly Commended)

The 20th UOB Painting Of The Year Competition
– ‘World of Colours’ (Highly Commended)

The 24th UOB Painting Of The Year Competition
– ‘Crystal Jade Kitchen’ (Certificate of Distinction)


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